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The Firm

LEXIANCE is a Swiss based consulting firm providing the highest quality of services and support to qualified financial intermediary companies through a business oriented approach, in terms of:

Legal, regulatory, reputational and operational risks;

Corporate governance;

Efficiency, profitability and sustainability in the financial intermediary business.

By using the services of LEXIANCE, organisations can significantly save on their operational expenses and still maintain the hightest level of compliance and fulfill their obligations towards regulators and clients.

LEXIANCE promotes a business oriented vison of compliance, based on risk control, a thorough understanding of it clients business, legal aspects and regulatory requirements.

In order to mitigate the risk and to decrease the financial burden LEXIANCE has developed a platform that gives a unique approach in terms of corporate practice and risk mitigation, taking into consideration the type of business, the specific client demands, the main markets and the typology of each end client.

Through its Team and Partners, LEXIANCE offers to its clients a integrated combination of expertises, allying legal and compliance, data management and risks control, covering the risk exposure of its clients on a 360° basis.

With our offering our clients are not only compliant towards regulators and regulations, but essentially in full control of all legal, operational and reputational risks they have to face, establishing a solid compliance architecture to ensure a sustainable development of their business.

LEXIANCE’s Team is composed of senior experts having a wide scope of competence, education and experience, in order to guarantee to our clients a high level of efficiency and a deep understanding of their effective compliance and legal issues. We are proud that our Team consists of people with:

Broad life experience;

Strong general understanding of business;

Deep understanding of the legal and economic aspects of financial transactions and underlying background of assets under management;

Sensitivity to the challenges that small and mid-size financial enterprises are facing.