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After 35 years of experience in private banks, large banks and financial companies, in the areas of Securities and Back Office, Organization, Security, Compliance and Legal, Credit and Risk and the Central File, Pierre-André Panchard has acquired a deep transversal banking knowledge.


With concrete expertise in data management, organization and protection, Pierre-André has regularly trained and led teams in charge of the aforementioned areas. With a very good IT knowledge and adept at planned rationalization, he transformed and automated many activities, thus strengthening both processes and data protection, and strengthening the skills of the teams in charge.


Independent consultant since 2016, Pierre-André offers tailor-made support to financial institutions, mainly in the field of organization and management of data and documents (archiving), in strict compliance with banking ethics, confidentiality, thoroughness and loyalty. Listening to its customers and drawing on its professional experience, Pierre-André has, through his company API Data, developed its own onboarding / KYC solution.