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Our Approach

Financial intermediaries are facing a business environment that is subject to continuous changes and that is becoming more complex, challenging and risky.

There is a higher exposure to risk; potential loss of reputation and exposure to severe financial claims (from regulators and clients) and an increase in costs due to the need to strengthen (back office) staff with specialized controling functions in the field of operations, risk and compliance.

Through this platform, clients can have access not only to the services offered by LEXIANCE directly but also can obtain the services proposed by Partner companies:

Legal & Compliance directly provided by LEXIANCE;

Data & Organisation, Risk & Security and Corporate Services can be obtained through the platform, with partner companies LEXIANCE has selected.

LEXIANCE promotes a business oriented vison of compliance, based on risk control, a thorough understanding of it clients business, legal aspects and regulatory requirements. In this prospective, LEXIANCE offering includes:

An extensive coverage of the various risks financial intermediary companies are confronted with in their day to day business operations;

Taylor-made solutions taking into consideration the type of business, the specificites of our clients, their main markets and the typology of their end clients;

An interactive and responsive organization of services to support on a day-to-day basis the business of our clients;

A thorough selection of the best possible partner companies;

Exclusive offers and pricing negociated with partner companies.

With the largest range of services and a very cost effective offer, LEXIANCE support its clients in building and running an efficient, solid and sustainable organization, fitting the regulatory requirements, business needs and clients expectations.

By using the LEXIANCE platform, financial intermediaries can significantly save on their operational expenses and still maintain the hightest level of compliance and fulfill their obligations towards regulators and clients.