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To mitigate the risk for our clients and to assist them in managing their company in an efficient way, LEXIANCE developped a unique tool: the first E-Shop dedicated to provide legal, compliance, data, risk, security and corporate services to financial intermediary companies.

In the E-Shop, LEXIANCE’s clients will find all necessary services such as compliance services, IT solutions for name checks or audit services.

The use of the E-shop provides LEXIANCE’s clients with:

A clear view on its four service lines, with detailed summary for each of them;

A clear view on all products proposed by LEXIANCE’s partners;

Transparency on pricing;

Access to special remediation programs to comply with changes in law and regulations;

Immediate information on newly available products.

The E-Shop allows LEXIANCE’s clients to:

Manage their needs in terms of specialized services;

Schedule and budget the specialized services required to efficiently run their business;

Adapt the prices of the services to their budget using prepaid packages.